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Response Time
Viewing Angle
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Signal Interface
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HITACHI SX21V001-Z4A Basic Information
Panel Brand HITACHI
Panel Model SX21V001-Z4A
Panel Type CSTN-LCD,Panel
Application Industrial Application
Operating Temperature 5 ~ 40 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
RoHS Unknown
Specific Feature 120Hz Scan With Touchscreen
HITACHI SX21V001-Z4A Mechanical Features
Panel Size 8.2"
Dot Resolution 640(RGB)×480 (VGA)
Aspect Ratio 4:5 (W:H)
Pixel Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe
Pixel Pitch 0.261×0.261 mm (W×H)
Active Area 167.02×125.26 mm (W×H)
Bezel Area 172.0×129.5 mm (W×H)
Outline Dimension 203.0×142.5 mm (W×H)
Outline Depth 8.0 (Max.) mm
Holes & Brackets No
Touch Panel Without
HITACHI SX21V001-Z4A Optical Features
Display Mode STN, Transmissive
Brightness 60 cd/m2 (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 50 : 1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)
Display Color Color ()
Response Time 25 (Typ.)(Tr+Td)
Viewing Angle 40 (Typ.)(?2-?1)(CR?2) (L/R/U/D)
Viewing Direction 12 o'clock
White color Chromaticity X:0.290 Y:0.310
HITACHI SX21V001-Z4A Electronics Feature
Vertical Frequency 120Hz 
Reverse Scan No
HITACHI SX21V001-Z4A Backlight System
Lamp Position Edge light type (Top side)
Lamp Type CCFL
Lamp Amount 1 pcs 
Lamp Voltage 460V (Typ.)
Lamp Current 1.2/1.8/2.5mA (Min./Typ./Max.)
Lamp Operating Frequency 60KHz (Typ.)
Lamp Startup Voltage 1400V (Min.)(Ta=+5?)
Lamp Driver Board No
Interface Type Connector
Interface Brand JST
Interface Model BHSR-02VS-1
Interface Pin Pitch 3.5 mm
Interface Amount 1 pcs
Interface Pins 2 pins
Pin Configuration BLL-2PINS-HL
HITACHI SX21V001-Z4A Signal Interface
Signal Category No
Signal Class No
Input Voltage for Panel 3.3V (Typ.)
Input Current for Panel 30/46mA (Typ./Max.)
Interface Type Connector
Interface Brand molex
Interface Model 54104-3511
Interface Pin Pitch 0.5 mm
Interface Amount 1 pcs
Interface Pins 35 pins

Quality Problems

Any quality problem in warranty, please return it to ELECOK.COM and ask ELECOK.COM help deal with it and pay for the delivery cost to ELECOK.COM. You can also contact the local after-sales service station of the goods to solve it.

We can offer repairing service for free, or issue a full refund.

Any one of the following situations doesn’t belong to the scope of warranty:

1. out of the warranty period

2. damaged because of wrong way to use or maintenance;

3. damaged because of the repair by non manufacturers designated repair point;

4. changed products’ serial number without agreement;

5. the goods don’t match with the type or serial number;

6. damaged because of the force majeure;

7. no quality problems, such as not satisfy the color, appearance, shape or compatibility question.


Logistics damage

The buyer should inspect the appearance and accessories of the goods carefully after receiving the goods. If the appearance is damaged, please offer the photos to ELECOK.COM and report it to the logistic company. ELECOK.COM will claim the logistic company depending on the evidence that the buyer offered.

we will send out a new product or issue a full refund


Parcel get lost in transportation

we will send out a new product or issue a full refund


Not delivered in time

Usually the product will be sent to your shipping address within 6-10 working days.However, if your shipping address is remote or for logistics scheduling reasons, the delivery time may be extended to 30 days (if you choose EMS, it may be extended to 60 days).For undelivered orders, we will send out a new product or issue a full refund

Not timely delivery for the following reasons will not get a new product or full refund:

1. Not timely customs clearance

2. Wrong shipping address

3. No one present to signfor the delivery


Return Porcess

1. Contact with our customer service in e-mail to explain reasons for returning goods and returning requirements (refund or change). Please attach clear photos explaining problems in the e-mail.

2. Our customer service shall give returning address. Prompt: Our customer service may communicate with you for confirmation about the specific problems in the meantime.

3. Please pack the returning goods and attach your returning list in the returning package. The returning list shall include: your name, e-mail, order No., returning quantity, product type, returning reasons and requirements.

4. Send the products back to us through an express company (RAM, DHL, UPS, FED and TNT, etc). Return freight charge must be prepaid. Sorry, C.O.D. returns cannot be accepted.Prompt: The returning goods shall be sent to destination within 30 days after our customer service gives the returning address

5. After the package is sent, please send the tracking number to our customer service.

6. We will refund or resend products for free within 1 to 3 days after receiving the returning goods.Hint: The refund will be returned to your paypal account or credit account during your payment. The refund to paypal account can be given immediately and the refund to credit account shall take 3-15 working days. The resent products will arrive in 6- 10 working days


Refund without reasons(No quality problems and Logistics damage)

When the goods have not been shipped, we will  full refund without reasons
After the goods are issued, it will no refund without a reason


Refund process without a reason

1.Email to our custom service for your refund requirement

2.We will issue a full refund within  a working day for orders meeting refund conditions.Hint: The refund will be returned to your paypal account or credit account during your payment. The refund to paypal account can be given immediately and the refund to credit account shall take 3-15 working days. 




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