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DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN 互換性モデル3.0" STN-LCD パネルにとってKyocera


DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN 互換性モデル3.0" STN-LCD パネルにとってKyocera

モデルDMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Compatible model
パネルタイプSTN-LCD , Panel
表示形式20 characters × 2 lines
表示モードSTN, Yellow/Green (Positive), Transmissive
フォント5×8 dots
文字サイズ3.2×5.55 mm
文字ピッチ3.8×5.95 mm
アクティブエリア75.4×11.5 mm
ベゼルエリア83.0×18.6 mm
輪郭116×37×11.6 mm
コントラスト比12:1 (Typ.)
レスポンス時間130/180 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
ランプタイプ2S13P YG-LED
信号インタフェース8-bit parallel
入力電圧5.0V (Typ.)
RoHSRoHS Compliance
Data Sheet
DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN 互換性モデル3.0" STN-LCD パネルにとってKyocera
DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN 互換性モデル3.0" STN-LCD パネルにとってKyocera

Kyocera DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Basic Information

Panel BrandKyocera
Panel ModelDMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Compatible model
Panel TypeSTN-LCD , Panel
ApplicationIndustry Application
Operating Temperature0 ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature-20 ~ 70 °C
RoHSRoHS Compliance
Specific FeatureLandscape type Bar Display
Remarkssuccessor model of DMC-20261NY-LY-CCE-CMN

Kyocera DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Mechanical Features

Panel Size3.0"
Display Format20 characters × 2 lines
Display Fonts5×8 dots
Character Size3.2×5.55 mm
Character Pitch3.8×5.95 mm
Aspect Ratio>3:1 (H:V)
Form FactorFlat Rectangle Display
Dot Pitch0.65×0.70 mm (H×V)
Active Area75.4×11.5 mm (H×V)
Bezel Area83.0×18.6 mm (H×V)
Outline Dimension116×37 mm (H×V)
Outline Depth15.7 (Max.) mm
Holes & BracketsFace mounting holes (4-Φ3.5)
Landscape or PortraitLandscape type
Touch PanelWithout

Kyocera DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Optical Features

Display ModeSTN, Yellow/Green (Positive), Transmissive
Contrast Ratio12 : 1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)
Display ColorMonochrome ()
Response Time130/180 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Viewing Angle40/40/50/50 (Typ.)(CR≥2) (L/R/U/D)
Viewing Direction6 o'clock

Kyocera DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Electronics Feature

Driver ICBuilt-in NT3881
Driving MethodDuty: 1/16 , Bias: 1/5

Kyocera DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Backlight System

Lamp PositionEdge light type
Lamp TypeYG-LED
Lamp Amount2S13P
Lamp ShapeArray
Lamp Voltage4.1±0.3V
Lamp Current130mA (Typ.)
Lamp Driver BoardNo

Kyocera DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN Signal Interface

Signal CategoryCPU
Signal Class8-bit parallel
Input Voltage for Panel5.0V (Typ.)
Input Current for Panel1.5/3.0mA (Typ./Max.)
Interface TypePad
Signal InterfaceConfiguration
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DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN 互換性モデル3.0" STN-LCD パネルにとってKyocera

Gross Weight 0.6
DMC-20261NY-LY-CME-CPN 互換性モデル3.0" STN-LCD パネルにとってKyocera