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IME12-04BPOZW2S SICK Inductive Proximity sensor NEW


IME12-04BPOZW2S SICK Inductive Proximity sensor NEW

Product Description :

Efficiency / precision / high reliability IME proximity switch with innovative ideas to ensure your equipment is efficient, stable and innovative application-specific integrated algorithm ASIC technology and filling the flesh to HOT-MELT high earthquake resistance material technology, coat a solid nickel-plated copper coat to ensure high-precision measurement accuracy and impact resistance, high strength shock! Innovative products given value: ASIC technology to enhance the detection accuracy of 10% The new material gives a higher intensity Great product flexibility: A variety of products that apply to your application Application areas: Warehousing and logistics Electronics Industry Packaging Industry Logistics and industrial robots Factory Automation


Technical specifications:

Sensing range Sn

4 mm

Electrical configuration


Supply voltage Vs

DC 10 ... 30 V

Ripple Upp

≤ 10 %

Voltage drop Ud

≤ 2 V1)

Power consumption

≤ 10 mA2)

Continuous current Ia

≤ 200 mA

Time delay before availability tv

≤ 100 ms

Hysteresis H, of sr

5 ... 15 %

Repeatability R

≦2 % (Ub and Ta constant)3)

Temperature drift, of sr

± 10 %


According to EN 60947-5-2

Switching output



Output function

Normally closed

Normally open



Connection type

Connector, M12, 4-pin

Cable, PVC, 2 m

Enclosure rating

IP 674)

Max. switching frequency

2000 Hz


M12 x 15)

Short-circuit protection

 √ 6)

Reverse polarity protection


Power-up pulse suppression


Shock/vibration stress

30 g, 11 ms/10 ... 55 Hz, 1 mm

Ambient temperature Ta

–25 °C ... +75 °C

Housing material

Brass nickel-plated, plastic (PA6)

Tightening torque

Typ. 12 Nm

UL approval

cULus Listed



1) At I a max

2) Without load

3) Of s r

4) According to EN 60529

5) Thread diameter x pitch (mm)

6) (Pulsed)




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  • Product cannot use in warranty period because of product quality problems
  • Product is damaged in transit
  • Product is not delivered in time because of our reason

Process of free reissue or full refund

  • Buyers send an email to our customer service to describe the problem, and to provide evidence (clear photos, screenshots, or video)
  • We will check the problem in 1 working days. For those meet the requirements, free reissue or full refund will be made within 1 working days
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