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Mitsubishi HC-SFS201 2KW Servo Driver, Inventory new


Mitsubishi HC-SFS201 MITSUBISHI Servo Driver

Product Description:

Suitable for servo motor 200 v AC.

The inertia; In power.

Output power: 1 kw.

Rated speed: 2000 r/min.

Electromagnetic brake: installation.

speed and inertia ratings providing a motor for all applications. Ranging from 50W through to 55kW and with specialist type motors available (flat pancakemotors)

Also, all motors in the Mitsubishi Electric Super Series are fitted with absolute encoders as standard.

Therefore, an absolute system can be created by simply providing power to Servo amplifier via a battery.

Once this has been done the super capacitor inside the motor and back-up battery allow the Servo motor position to be constantly monitored, even when disconnected from the system.


In the following cases, we will make a free reissue or full refund

Product cannot use in warranty period because of product quality problems

Product is damaged in transit

Product is not delivered in time because of our reason

Process of free reissue or full refund

Buyers send an email to our customer service([email protected]) to describe the problem, and to provide evidence (clear photos, screenshots, or video)

We will check the problem in 1 working days. For those meet the requirements, free reissue or full refund will be made within 1 working days

If a return is required, the return shipping fee will be paid by us

Mitsubishi HC-SFS201 2KW Servo Driver, Inventory new

Gross Weight 24