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FP50R12KT4G Module


FP50R12KT4G Module

Data Sheet FP50R12KT4G Module
Other NameFP50RL2KT4G
In the following cases, we will make a free reissue or full refund

Product cannot use in warranty period because of product quality problems

Product is damaged in transit

Product is not delivered in time because of our reason

Process of free reissue or full refund

Buyers send an email to our customer service to describe the problem, and to provide evidence (clear photos, screenshots, or video)

We will check the problem in 1 working days. For eligible cases, we will provide a free replacement or full refund within 1-2 business days

If a return is required, the return shipping fee will be paid by us

Buyers can apply for return or exchange within 90 days of receipt

FP50R12KT4G Module

Gross Weight 1
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