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About us

ELECOK is an independent distributor of electronic components & accessory & parts.

We have built up trustworthy relationship with customers over 100 countries around the world.

Our story

We found that when people need electronic components/accessory/parts,will encounter many difficulties:

Hard to find the right product

Unreliable quality

Poor return service

We hope to make the purchase into a simple and easy thing.So we founded ELECOK at 2011.

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T***************************2 6/23/22

Hurtig og god servic

"Jeg sendte en mail med forspørgsel, hurtig svar med link til det jeg skulle bruge, så det var nemt at bestille"

A*******s 6/21/22

Great product

"I Iove the quality of the products and customer service is the best in the business."

S*****************1 6/21/22

unbeliveable service

"we ordered online and received the goods into our Sydney store in 2 days"

C**********7 6/21/22

Fast turnaround at a good price

"It is difficult as a repair agent to be able to procure obscure parts in small quantities for one off repair jobs. ELECOK made this process that much easier with their great service. "

C*******************5 6/16/22

"Great and fast service! Very satisfied!"

T*****************6 6/16/22

Order of Sanyo Denki Fans

"Happy with the transaction and speed of the delivery.
The only slight annoyance is that the price that appears in GBP isn't totally accurate. Also the unit price of each fan was very high considering their cost value.

C******************4 6/16/22

Alles supi

"Gut geklappt, schnell und Ware OK"

Our Company


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